About L.J. Throstle

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Lucy Price was born in Newcastle, UK and spent most of her youth in the East Midlands. Having studied A-level Art she went on to develop a keen interest in portrait photography and painting. After travelling in Europe, North Africa and North America she is now permanently settled and working in East Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 

Lucy’s style developed from pen and ink drawings mixed with acrylics to a more precise method of drawing with emphasis on the many layers of light and contrast that can be identified in photographic images. In her stencil work Lucy uses rich background colours to contrast the predominantly monochrome palette of her subjects, more recently she has begun working with mixed media, and her work has been recognized by the Federation of Canadian artists in two shows since then. Subjects include people, animals and some still life, all work is representational and built layer by layer, using single use stencils and acrylic spray paint.


“The name “Throstle” comes from my Mother, who always encouraged me to be creative. For me creativity is an outlet and meditation, that allows me the opportunity to show others how I see the world. Each work is a result of detailed observation of shadow and light, a study of faces and things that might only receive the briefest of glances in the day to day quick pace of life.

Influences include plenty of local Vancouver artists, Vincent van Gogh and Georges Seurat for their use of colour and working with dots; Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein being among my favourite pop artists. As for stencil artists, I was first influenced by Banksy and Blek Le Rat, but enjoy pretty much all brightly coloured or technical graffiti, and in particular anything by Pariz One, after seeing a bar back he had sprayed in Lisbon.”

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